Custom furniture is all about you, your environment, and your tastes. Custom furniture is the only way to impress your individuality on a room. Otherwise, you have to search until you find furniture that somewhat works or fits into the space you need to fill. Our custom-crafted furniture can be formal or rustic, traditional or contemporary, or somewhere in between. We strive to craft furniture that suits your taste and personality. Detailing of the architectural woodwork (such as a multi-tiered crown system, solid raised paneled wainscoting, or even an elaborate door system) compliments your overall theme. All of these features become part of the furniture.

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As master craftsmen with a lifetime of experience, we at Julian & Sons offer a wide array of services to make your home unique and elegant. Doors are an integral function of the home to office. Built to the same standard as our cabinetry, Julian & Sons offers single door options or packages for your entire project.

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