Fine Gun Rooms

More than just a room, a
museum for your passion

Building a custom home gun room is the best choice if you want to both secure and display your collection of firearms, rather than storing them out of view in a cabinet or safe. A secure, custom-designed gun room in your home keeps your treasured rifles, pistols, shotguns and other pieces accessible to view or touch, without being hindered by glass or doors.

At Julian & Sons, we design, craft and install secure, custom gun rooms that address each of these details, including the vault door and proper humidification.

Uncompromised excellence in woodworking

Julian & Sons is globally renowned for our uncompromising excellence, a product of our traditional cabinet-making skills, precision woodworking technology and using the highest-quality materials.

We’ve received international acclaim for our craftsmanship, and have been featured in articles by Sporting Classics, Safari Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Popular Mechanics, and African Sporting Gazette. Our projects have taken us across the United States, and to Europe, Asia and Africa.

At our luxury woodworking facility, we specialize in designing and building custom furniture-grade cabinetry and architectural millwork, whether our clients want a custom home gun room or executive office.

Julian and Sons

Welcome to a TRUE Custom Experience

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