Libraries & Studies

A place to store stories
and tell them, too

In the eyes of Julian & Sons, the library is the beating heart of reading, learning, and introspection. It is a hallowed ground of knowledge, a gift that keeps on giving across generations.

That is why we put our heart and soul into creating cabinetry and furniture that honors this sanctum sanctorum. Every project we undertake is crafted with the intent of being savored not only by the current custodians but by future generations to come.

Your private space,

The study is a cousin to the library, but it is a unique reflection of the individuality of its owner. We at Julian & Sons understand this distinction, and we strive to ensure that your study is an expression of your taste and personality.

Our custom designs are executed with a keen sense of functionality, so that the study remains a productive sanctuary that embodies its owner’s essence.

Julian and Sons

Welcome to a TRUE Custom Experience

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