Julian & Sons Premium Cigar Humidor by Little Halstock of Dorset, England

The master craftsmen at the bespoke cabinet maker, Little Halstock of Dorset, England, have been commissioned by Julian & Sons to build a very limited edition of five heirloom premium cigar humidors. “We are very pleased, “ notes Joe Julian, president of Julian & Sons, “to be working with the folks at Little Halstock on this collaborative project. They are among the very best at what they do as evidenced by their world-renowned clients such as Holland & Holland and Purdey.”

This exquisite wooden humidor measures 141/2 X 101/2 X 4 inches and is constructed in American black walnut with an overlay of quarter sawn, bookmatched and highly figured burr walnut. The top is chamfered and highlighted by Julian & Sons signature Wenge inlay.

The humidor features bespoke brass hinges with a built-in stop and a Creedo Humidifier gauge and humidifying unit. The internal lining of the box is in mahogany. The exterior finish is an open grain finish which mimics Julian & Sons signature Danish blended oil finish in appearance and aesthetics.

“The construction and detailing on these humidors,” noted Joe Julian, “is absolutely first-rate. Please contact us for pricing.”

A Word on Humidors:

A humidor is much more than simply a convenient box in which to store your cigars. A premium wooden humidor creates a miniature ecosystem that, according to cigar experts, mimics the mild and humid climate where most tobacco leaves are cured and processed. The ideal conditions for storing cigars are 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 70% of relative humidity.

To achieve these conditions, humidors are typically fitted with a humidification device to provide humidity and a hygrometer to measure humidity. Digital hygrometers measure both temperature and humidity.

A high-quality wooden humidor‘s interior is typically lined with Spanish cedar (which, interestingly, is neither Spanish or cedar but a Central American hardwood known for its ability to absorb and dispel moisture) or mahogany. Mahogany liners help maximize the storage life of cigars with as few changes as possible to the cigar’s characteristics. Mahogany also doesn’t absorb as much water as cedar, so it is easier to maintain the proper level of humidity.

Premium humidor cigar boxes also have a tight seal. A traditional test of the seal is to raise the lid about three inches up and let it drop. You should hear, cigar experts point out, a crisp “whoosh” sound.

A top-notch wooden humidor will keep your cigars fresh and in prime condition, while adding years to the life of a good cigar.

True cigar aficionados put a high premium on their smoking pleasure.  When it comes to cigars and accessories such as humidors, only the best will do. In great measure that’s true because we are happy to devote more of our resources – whether in time or money – on those things that evoke a true passion within us.

If you’ve had the opportunity to enjoy time at a commercial cigar lounge,  you recognize that considerable effort has been made to create a luxury setting designed to enhance your smoking pleasure.

Julian & Sons would love to create that same great atmosphere for you, whether at home, your place of business or club. Together we can build something that matches your passion for great cigars, whether a small hideaway for a few friends or a multi-room layout.

Most of all, we don’t want your dream to go up in smoke. Reach out to us to become one of the five owners of these rare, expertly-made humidors.

Julian and Sons

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