Guns, Cigars, Whiskey and Heirlooms

The Memories We Cherish and How We Get To Share Them

“The old man used to say that the best part of hunting and fishing was the thinking about it and the talking about it when you got back.”                                                                       

– Robert Ruark, The Old Man and the Boy

An avid and lifelong hunter, Robert Ruark was right on the money with the above quote. There are, of course, many variations on the theme, but if you’ve spent time in the great out-of-doors you no doubt have gained your own favorite memories…the great shot your dad made on a fast-quartering ringneck that was on his way to the next county, followed by the bird that got up practically at your feet and you still missed it clean – twice; or the time it rained all week at deer camp but the kid hung in and took a nice buck late in the afternoon of the last day; and don’t we all have a tale about “the big one that got away,”? The thick-shouldered rainbow in the Little Red river down my way that was almost to the net till he made a last run for freedom, or the 100lb plus tarpon that rapped your knuckles on the reel handle as he took a 100 yards of backing off before you could say ouch (or something more colorful) and then, in a mighty leap and a shake of his head, threw your fly as if saying, “Is that all you’ve got?”

Whatever your reminiscences, here at Julian & Sons, we’ve got something to add to your tale: the perfect setting.

And what better place to sit back, relax and recount past adventures and plan new outings than in your own smoking and/or whiskey lounge at home?

If you are thinking of converting current space in your home to a cigar room, there are a number of options to consider. A key starting point is ventilation.

A smoking room with an exterior wall is easier to air out, as is the case with an attic or garage. A garage also offers an added measure of isolation from living areas in your home. If you’re looking for a real “hideaway,” the basement is an excellent choice, but will likely be more challenging to ventilate.

The most effective ventilation system is a separate HVAC unit with its own ventilation in the smoking room. Air purifiers use carbon filters and charcoal to absorb the smoke and clean the air. Free standing units are used in elite cigar lounges in addition to their traditional HVAC system.

At Julian & Sons, each of our installations is 100% custom-built based on closely collaborating with our client and their team. We want the finished project to reflect your unique vision and be in keeping with your individual tastes, while offering added features to make the space multifunctional.

We hope the following broad-based suggestions will provide some helpful guidelines for your home cigar lounge:

  • Cigar smoke will cling to carpeting and softer materials and the smell is difficult to get out. Stone or wood flooring is the better choice.
  • For the walls, wood paneling is the classic choice. It creates the right “feel” for a smoking room and will not hold the smoke. Glass or metal are all good choices for shelving in the room and can accent the ? wood paneling and furniture grade cabinetry.
  • Smoke retention is also a key concern when choosing the furniture for your cigar room. Leather sofas and chairs offer the best choice and, as with rich wood paneling, add to the classic look of a vintage smoking lounge.

A smoking room, of course, is not only a place where you can sit back and enjoy a great cigar. It’s a room where you can have a few drinks with friends, enjoy an evening of poker or watch the big game on a large screen TV. If you have the space, a classic pool table is also a great addition.

We would love to sit down with you and lay out a project design that meets your requirements and expresses your vision. Contact us to learn how we can bring your vision to life.

Sigmund Freud famously said, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” If so, at very least, it deserves a great cigar room.

Julian & Sons is a luxury woodworking company specializing in designing and crafting custom, furniture grade cabinetry and architectural millwork. Our projects grace beautiful homes throughout the United States and around the world. Each project is highly personalized and begins with a consultation with the Julian & Sons design team.

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