Unlocking the Secrets to a Great Gun Room

To begin our discussion about creating an immaculate gun room in your home, a word on craftsmanship. The custom craftsman faces two challenges:

The first challenge is the practical, hands-on side of the project. It’s the skill brought to bear, for example, in constructing a functional series of furniture-grade gun cabinetry and the accompanying architectural millwork that sets off and brings the entire display together. In short, it’s about the form, fit and finish.

The second is the aesthetic aspect of the project. Here, it’s the ability to bring to life a client’s vision in terms of design, function and artistry. It’s paramount that the client’s dream, his or her passion, “shines through” the finished project.

At Julian & Sons we take great pride in our precision workmanship, extraordinary selection of materials and masterful designs that speak to each client’s unique outlook and taste.

Tricks of the Trade

Years of experience and research have led us to develop some “tricks of the trade” which we are happy to share with you:

  • If space permits, long guns are best showcased horizontally which highlights checkering, engraving, inlays, etc. Often, we combine a lengthwise display with a vertical display on either side. The aesthetic is balanced and enhances the visual impact. Vertical displays allow many more long guns to be stored in an allotted space.
  • Handguns are a unique challenge when displaying a wide range of pistols. Drawers provide for the most versatility in such displays. Collections of the same type of handgun, single-action Colt revolvers, for example, can work well in a wall-mounted configuration.

  • We recognize that using wood behind gun displays competes with the beauty of the displayed guns. For this reason, we use the finest fabric and leather for the backs of our gun cabinetry. We can present a number of options that provide an elegant but neutral background.
  • We use a wide range of woods. Exotic species include, but are not limited to, padauk, bubinga, wenge, black limba, sipo, and sapele. Domestic species include, but are not limited to, walnut, cherry, oak, hickory, maple and fir. We can suggest different species of wood, or you can use your own. It is not necessary to use the same wood or style in the space. These areas of your home or office are places that help provide a calm and reflective atmosphere.
  • A gun room allows you to organize and store your firearms whether you have five or fifty. No matter the size of your collection, the layout should maximize your available space while also highlighting the visual appeal of your firearms. We recommend adding in space that provides room for your collection to grow.
  • We recommend no less than a 25 to 50 percent added room for expansion.

Our Process for Gun Room Design

The key first step in any of our projects is to meet with you, to get to know you a bit so as to understand your vision for the space or lead you in a direction that appeals to your senses.

In part, it’s also to discuss basics, such as room dimensions and whether the project will be installed in existing space or in new construction. We’ll also want to review whether you’re looking strictly at a gun room or a space that brings together your displayed firearms along with art and artifacts.

This is the time to review additional project options such as the inclusion of a bar area, entertainment center, executive office space and possible seating areas. Depending on space, any or all of the above can be tastefully included when incorporated in the original design.

Our experience suggests that going beyond a strictly gun room to include complimentary spaces where friends and family can enjoy a drink or watch a movie together are the designs with which our clients are happiest. As a general rule, we advise against creating a “museum-like” atmosphere.

After our meeting, we will provide you with a proposed contract for the design of your project. A well-executed design on paper is the surest preventative for later angst or overruns. The goal is to get everything right on paper before the first board is cut.

A Team of Expert Woodworkers

As a dedicated “band of craftsmen” at Julian & Sons, we are receptive and look forward to working with your local team. To ensure a smooth process from design to final installation we want to work with your architect, general contractor, lighting consultant, designer as well as other artisans involved.

The sooner we are involved in the design or conception stage, the better. This way, our experience and range of experts can help you save time and money.

We proudly hand craft all our products in Heber Springs, AR. When complete, we will send our own team to your home, business or club to handle all aspects of installation. This ensures exact, meticulous and attention to the last detail workmanship. Julian & Sons designs, builds, delivers, installs and finishes anywhere in the world.

Julian & Sons is a high-end woodworking facility specializing in designing and building custom furniture-grade cabinetry and architectural millwork. We combine these features to create entirely personalized environments that reflect each client’s unique passion.

Our priority is the quality of the entire experience for you, from initial consultation to final installation. Please contact us to learn more about creating the gun room of your dreams – we look forward to hearing from you.

Julian and Sons

Welcome to a TRUE Custom Experience

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