This Year, Let’s Take it Down a Notch

While published in the 1960s, Charles Hummel’s Tyranny of the Urgent has gained even greater relevance today, a time when so many folks are going full speed from dawn to dusk and, for some, living with the “pedal to the metal” well into the evening. More and more, we seem to be plugged in 24/7.

The text comes in, for example, from the boss at 10:00 pm. It is , of course, URGENT. We need to decide right now; we needed this information yesterday; we must change direction immediately. Really?

It’s easy, especially now when so many are working remotely, to get caught up in a seemingly endless chain of back-and-forth ad-hoc messaging that creates a huge volume of commentary. When you try to distill it down, though, it’s hard to determine if any kind of consensus has been reached. After everyone on staff dropped everything and rushed to provide an opinion, was there a real need to decide ASAP?

Urgency does not necessarily translate into importance.

I was leafing through the program of an upcoming conference and noted that the agenda ended on the second day at noon. There would be a “Grab and Go” box lunch that attendees could pick up on their way out.

A thoughtful gesture, for sure, but have we become so rushed in our lives that we need to grab a sandwich and an apple on the run? I don’t mean a two-hour three martini affair, but just a few moments where we might sit down and flip over an idea with our co-workers or just check-in to see if everyone is okay. We need to be running around less and sitting down more.

Speed does not necessarily translate into productivity.

I brought this up because I’ve long believed that crafting something by hand is a great antidote to a frenetic and frazzled daily routine, especially one spent largely online.

Whether you are building a toy box for the kids or a piece of fine furniture, at the end of the day you can see what you’ve actually accomplished. And you know where to start the next day.

Sure, skilled hands can do the work faster, but crafting is still a step-by-step process, from initial drawings to final assembly. As a hobbyist, taking your time on a project to make sure everything is just right, is part of the pride of achievement.

Whether a first-timer or seasoned woodworker, you still have to let the first finish coat fully dry before you can apply the second coat. There’s a life lesson in here somewhere, such as: some things you just can’t rush.

Okay, I will take back my comments on urgency just a bit. Friends who recently attended the Hunting, Shooting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT SHOW) in Las Vegas, January 17 – 20 felt they had to “run and gun” in order to see the whole show which this year ballooned to a massive 810,000 square feet of exhibit space. I mention this here to remind us that, in good measure, a successful trade show mirrors an active and growing customer base. Looks like our hunting and shooting traditions remain strong!

I sure can say the same thing about the Dallas Safari Club Convention and Sporting Expo which we attended, January 5-8 at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas.

In a word, it was a “barnburner” with records in both attendance and dollars raised. Almost 35,000 individuals attended the convention along with thousands of exhibiting partners and hundreds of dedicated volunteers. It was a great opportunity to rebuild old partnerships and create new ones from across the globe to further the DSC mission.

Of interest, more than half of all exhibitors this year were from outside the U.S. Feedback from these exhibitors was overwhelmingly positive, with many stating it was their best show ever for bookings and sales.

It was great meeting with everyone at this year’s DSC. Thank you to all who stopped by the booth . We had a great time meeting so many new people and catching up with old friends. We are truly grateful for your interest in our custom woodworking services, and we look forward to working with you to create the perfect gun room, trophy room, kitchen or other cabinetry for your home.

Of course, we’ll also be heading out to the Safari Club International convention, February 22-25 at the Music City Center in Nashville, TN. A mainstay of the convention is the hundreds of professional hunters, outfitters and lodges from around the world. As always, the SCI event will include some great auctions, live entertainment and lots of interesting seminars.

Julian & Sons is proud to once again sponsor the SCI Patrons Lounge, a great spot for SCI Patrons to enjoy breakfast and lunch and a cocktail at the end of the day.

If you are not familiar with Julian & Sons, please keep in mind that each of our interior projects is highly personalized and I look forward to sitting down with you in our SCI booth 2039 to plan a one-of-a-kind interior that in terms of design, function and artistry will speak to your personal taste and perspective.

Most of all, I hope you’ll take the time to drop by for a moment and visit. No rush, no fuss.

Julian and Sons

Welcome to a TRUE Custom Experience

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